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Field customer of labeling machine in Shijiazhuang City (Hebei Province)

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Detailed introduction of the labeling machine case in Shijiazhuang City (Hebei Province):

The customer comes from Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Qiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Qiji Bio is a large-scale agricultural and animal husbandry high-tech group company integrating the research and development, production and sales of poultry medicine, animal medicine and aquatic products. In 2014, the company expanded its production. I bought a semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine from our company. The picture below is the product picture:

Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is suitable for automatic labeling, filming, bar code labeling, etc. of cylindrical objects. It is compatible with small taper and small arc round bottles. The taper arc cannot be too large. For specific arcs, please contact us Telephone; labels are mainly made of self-adhesive materials, such as self-adhesive film, anti-counterfeiting codes and other labels; such as medical syringe labeling, medical reagent labeling, beverage round bottle labeling, pesticide bottle labeling, wine bottle, mineral water labeling It can be widely used in many industries such as medicine, food, daily chemical, fast-moving consumer goods, wine, chemical industry and so on. Application examples: oral liquid round bottle labeling machine, vial labeling machine, xylitol labeling machine, shampoo bottle labeling machine, wine double label labeling machine, wine fixed-point labeling, etc. The following are the labeling samples and trial effect pictures of the Shijiazhuang labeling machine customers:

In order to show the most real on-site effect, the pictures of the matching equipment involved in the scene are not cut out, so that customers and friends can better understand the situation at the time and understand the manufacturers of the matching equipment. As can be seen from the above picture, the sample round bottle of the Shijiazhuang labeling machine customer case has a small taper, and the top of the bottle is slightly larger than the bottom of the bottle, showing a certain taper. The customer is satisfied with the sample test effect of our company. Later, in response to customer requirements, a thermal coding device was added to the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine to realize labeling and printing the production date at the same time (the control equipment has reserved space and functions for future equipment upgrades, see professional for details! ). The following picture is a picture of the delivery scene of the customer equipment of the labeling machine in Shijiazhuang City:

I would like to sincerely thank the Shijiazhuang labeling machine customers for their support and trust in the control equipment, and I hope that the business of the customers who use the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine of the control control will get better and better.

If your output is relatively large, it is recommended that you choose our company's automatic round bottle labeling machine (click here to view details|), the labeling speed can reach 120pcs/min. With advanced technology, considerate service and rich experience, our equipment is the first-choice expert for your labeling machine.

Announcement: After the revision of the official website of Mingkong Automation, the country's field customer cases are officially launched. Customers and friends can refer to cases similar to their own products for more details. The case is being updated one after another, so stay tuned. ——Earth Control Automation

Labeling machine in Hebei Province:

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