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Field customer of labeling machine in Jiangmen City (Guangdong Province)

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The following are the details of successful cases of labeling machines in Jiangmen City (Guangdong Province):

The customer comes from Jiangmen Wallpaper Accessories Co., Ltd., an indoor paint chemical industry company. In October 2014, in order to increase the scale of production, they purchased the automatic vertical positioning round bottle labeling machine. The pictures of the purchased products are as follows:

This automatic vertical positioning round bottle labeling machine purchased by Jiangmen customer is suitable for labeling on the circumferential surface of cylindrical objects. It can label single label and double label, and can label half or full circumference. In addition, the distance between the front and back of the double label can be Flexible adjustment, such as the labeling of round gel water bottles, food round cans, chemical round bottles, pesticide bottles, etc.; can be widely used in chemical, wine, daily chemical, fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfection and other industries. Optional circumferential positioning detection device can realize labeling at the specified position on the circumferential surface. The following is a sample of Jiangmen labeling machine:

If your product is similar to the round bottle mentioned above and needs side labeling, it is recommended that you purchase our automatic multifunctional round bottle flat bottle labeling machine. Click here for details. The speed can reach 160pcs/min. If your output is relatively small, it is recommended that you purchase a semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine controlled by the seal. The following is the delivery picture of Jiangmen labeling machine customer equipment:

The labeling machine customers in Guangdong province can deliver to the door for installation free of charge. This time the Jiangmen labeling machine customer is sent directly to the logistics company. With this fully automatic vertical positioning round bottle labeling machine, the customer’s production will not It's affected! Thank Jiangmen customers for their support and trust in the labeling machine. For more labeling machines, please consult online customer service.

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