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Customer Success Stories of (Double-sided) Labeling Machine in Yunnan Province

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The following is a detailed introduction to the customer case of the labeling machine in Yunnan Province:
Customer background: from Yunnan Pinhutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise of Dendrobium in Yunnan Province, a biotechnology company integrating Dendrobium planting, production, processing, and management. Clients are strong in science and technology, and the introduction of universities such as Yunnan University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Medical Academy and other institutions have provided them with a large amount of scientific research support. It has also accelerated the innovation and research of the Dendrobium industry in Yunnan Province and enabled the Dendrobium industry in Yunnan Province to participate. To the strength of the competition in my country's health care products industry. In October 2014, in order to expand production, we purchased our automatic double-sided labeling machine. The pictures of the equipment are as follows:

Fully automatic double-sided labeling machine is suitable for single-sided and double-sided labeling of flat bottles, round bottles, and square bottles, such as flat bottles and round bottles of Yunnan customers; flat bottles of lubricating oil, round bottles of hand sanitizer, etc. Labeling on both sides, double labeling to improve production efficiency; single labeling, front and back labeling, full-week labeling, etc.; can be widely used in health care products, daily chemicals, wine, cosmetics, beverages, petrochemicals, medicines, etc. industry. Below is a sample of the Yunnan labeling machine customer using the fully automatic double-sided labeling machine:

Later, in order to facilitate customers to print the production date at the same time as labeling, the technical engineers of Chongkong installed the thermal coding machine for the customer, and increased the production process, which improved the ease of operation of the equipment. The following is the Yunnan labeling machine customer using me The labeling video of the company’s automatic double-sided labeling machine.

The following is the actual delivery situation of our company for Yunnan labeling machine customers:

If your product is similar to the above-mentioned Yunnan customer labeling sample, and you want to label the neck, it is recommended that you choose the automatic round and flat bottle multi-functional double-side labeling machine BK-903, which can be used for three labels. Standard, speed 30~180pcs/min.
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