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Common sense of daily maintenance of powder filling machine

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Powder filling machines have a wide range of applications, such as starch production plants, rice flour production plants, and milk powder production companies. They are already an important part of the production and packaging process. The entire process of the powder packaging machine includes quantitative filling, nitrogen filling and sealing, and coding. Processes such as, bottle receiving, etc. are basically automated. The use of these packaging machinery and equipment can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, save labor, and meet the needs of large-scale production.

Of course, the advantages of these packaging equipment can be brought into play. We must pay attention to maintenance and cleanliness:

1. The powder filling machine should be used in a dry and clean environment, and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body.

2. The powder filling machine regularly inspects the parts and components once a month to check whether the worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearings and other movable parts are flexible and worn. If any defects are found, they should be repaired in time and should not be used reluctantly.

3. If the gear shaft of the powder filling machine moves, please adjust the M10 screw behind the bearing frame to the proper position, adjust the gap so that the bearing does not make a noise, turn the pulley by hand, and the tightness is appropriate. Too tight or too loose can be used. The powder packaging machine may be damaged. When refueling the powder filling machine, do not let the oil spill out of the cup, let alone flow around the machine and on the ground. Because oil easily pollutes materials and affects product quality.

4. The worm gear box of the powder filling machine must store oil for a long time. The oil level is high enough that the worm gear intrudes into the oil. It should be refueled once before starting up. It can be added in the middle according to the temperature rise and operating conditions of each bearing. If you use it frequently, you must change the oil every three months. There is an oil plug at the bottom for draining oil.

5. After the powder filling machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then install it, ready for the next use.

6. If it is out of service for a long time, the powder filling machine must be wiped and cleaned, and the smooth surface of the machine parts must be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth canopy.

The above is for the daily maintenance of powder filling machine common sense, I hope to help everyone. If you have any questions or questions later, please contact us.

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