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What are the reasons and solutions for the self-adhesive label lift

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A labeling machine is a machine that adds labels to packages or products. The trademark, main parameters, instructions for use and product introduction on the label are indispensable for modern packaging, and a well-designed label can also help enhance the company's image and promote product sales. But in the process of labeling, we will also encounter the problem of label lifting. How to solve and avoid this problem? Today I will discuss with you, the common labeling and label abnormal problems and solutions for self-adhesive labels. method.

The following reasons cause the sticker label to curl:

One: The unreasonable process setting causes the sticker to lift up

Check: The pressure of the labeling wheel is not enough, so that the label cannot be completely adhered to the product.
Solution: Increase the strength of the labeling agency to make the label completely adhere to the product,

Two: The temperature rise causes the sticker label to lift up
Check: the temperature is too high, the stickiness on the label is weak, the labeling label is not strong,
Solution: Control the temperature during the labeling process, and preheat the label roll in advance, which can increase the viscosity of the glue, make the label sticky better and make the label stronger.

Three: Unreasonable use by the customer causes the sticker label to cock up

Check: The adhesive used for labeling is not suitable.
Solution: For products with larger surface curvature, a more viscous adhesive should be used. It is not advisable to use thicker and harder materials for label paper. Instead, use thinner materials, such as film, thin soft paper, and so on.

Four: Improper storage of self-adhesive labels causes the labels to cock up

Check: Sometimes if the label is left for too long and not preserved, it will cause the glue to fail or weaken the viscosity, so check whether the label stock label is intact before labeling.
When storing labels in normal times, be careful not to place them in a too cold or too hot environment, otherwise the labels will lift up when they are used.

1. Try to avoid static electricity during the labeling process, which will affect the labeling effect.

3. The product that needs to be labeled needs to wipe off the dust on the surface, so as to avoid the phenomenon of the label being lifted due to the dust, and the product is oily and the label is not sticky.

Final summary:
In most cases, label curling is caused by insufficient label viscosity, so increasing the label’s viscosity is a very direct solution. Choose a softer label material to improve label ductility. Being compliant and understanding the root cause of the problem, we can avoid the above failures during the production process.

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