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What should I do if there is an error in the filling process of the filling machine?

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Filling measurement error over-tolerance is a common problem in the verification process of the filling machine, so how to deal with the error in the filling process? Let me explain it to you.

1. The filling error is mainly determined by the filling volume, filling speed, and the opening and closing speed of the upper and lower valves. The opening and closing speed of the upper and lower valves is related to the viscosity of the product. The greater the viscosity, the slower the opening and closing speed of the valve.

2. The spring pressure of the adjustment valve should be determined by trial filling measurement and the experience of the operator.

3. The opening and closing speed of the thickening valve mainly adjusts the spring pressure of the valve. As the spring pressure increases, the opening and closing speed of the valve is accelerated.

4. In addition, overflow may occur at the end of filling, resulting in out-of-error indications. A reasonable filling speed should be selected to improve filling efficiency as much as possible. In the filling process, the speed change measures of fast first and then slow can be adopted to change the operating frequency of the stepping motor. Due to the processing error of the metering pump itself, the filling volume of each filling head is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent measurement errors. In actual operation, the total number of steps should be adjusted manually for the stepping motors corresponding to each filling head.

The above-mentioned methods for handling errors in the filling process of the filling machine, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about the filling machine, please contact us.

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