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The development history and advantages of the labeling machine

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The development history of the labeling machine? The development history of labeling machine? What are the advantages of the labeling machine? The following is a professional answer by Xingkong.
Review the development history of the labeling machine: It can be roughly divided into three stages:
The first stage: the dominance stage of foreign brands (late 1980s-1994).
At this stage, it is mainly imported or improved from foreign countries that have eliminated the labeling equipment with improper functions. The foreign equipment is expensive, and even the price is overwhelming. But at the time, the domestic labeling machine was only a few manufacturers that could simply produce the second label. Standard machine, and the machine performance and maturity stability have to be tested and improved over the years. In view of this, although a small number of labeling machine manufacturers have sprouted in China at this stage, manufacturers still choose foreign labeling machine brands in the market.
The second stage: the coexistence of domestic and foreign labeling machines, and the domestic labeling machines began to fight back (995 to 2001).
After many years of dominating the market with high prices by foreign brands, domestic labeling machine manufacturers have endured their humiliation and finally achieved technological breakthroughs, and they have spurred the development of domestic labeling machines with a burning prairie fire. Domestic labeling machine manufacturers have sprung up. Like emerges. The development at this stage is not only reflected in the increase in labeling manufacturers, but also in the increase in labeling output and speed, from 24,000 bottles/hour to 33,000 bottles/hour; in addition, the function of the labeling machine has improved, from the second label ( Neck, body label) is upgraded to four labels, that is, head, neck, body, and back labels can be attached at the same time. At this stage, domestic and foreign labeling machines coexist. Because domestic equipment can meet the normal labeling production, and the price fundamentally changes the situation of high prices of foreign labeling equipment, domestic labeling machines have begun to continuously erode the market occupied by foreign brands, and Achieve good results.
The third stage: domestic brands dominate, and foreign brands are delisted. (2002 to present).
At this stage, the domestic labeling machine has continued to develop in the competition after competing with foreign brands, and has made a qualitative leap in technology. Representative event: In September 2002, Pinghang independently developed a PH40-8-8 (production capacity of 50,000 bottles/hour) high-speed rotary labeling machine, which was launched in Beijing’s 2002 China International Beer and Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment The appearance of the "Exhibition" immediately caused a sensation in the industry. It shows that my country's labeling machines have begun to have independent property rights in terms of high-speed performance. In 2003, Pinghang PH40-8-8 high-speed rotary labeling machine won 4 national utility model patents. The project passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal in Jinhua, Zhejiang in August 2004 (so far, it is still the only domestic labeling machine that has passed the provincial appraisal in the country). The project won the second prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in 2005. It was listed as "2005 National Key New Product Plan". This is a major event in China's labeling machine manufacturing industry and the country's approval of China's paste labeling machine manufacturing industry. Not only Ping Hang, but also the pride of all peers and even the beer industry. Because it marks that the long-term monopoly of domestic beer high-speed production lines by foreign labeling machines has been broken, and the era of high-speed labeling machines is gone forever! In view of this situation, foreign labeling machine brands are not profitable and are difficult to compete with domestic labeling equipment in terms of price. Starting in 2002, foreign labeling machines began to withdraw from the Chinese market. By the end of 2003, almost all foreign labeling machines began to withdraw from the Chinese market. Of labeling machines have been withdrawn from the Chinese market. The domestic labeling machine brand finally established a dominant position in the domestic market.

The great advantages of the labeling machine are shown in:
1. High efficiency and low cost. Automatic labeling machinery is a modern mechatronics product, which has fundamentally changed the situation of low manual labeling efficiency and poor labeling quality. The use of labeling machinery not only packs the production output, but also greatly reduces the input cost and increases the production vitality of the manufacturer.
2. Convenient, reliable, and easy to manage. The labeling machine is excellent and reliable. The self-adhesive labeling machine has the advantages of clean and sanitary, non-vertical labeling machine moldy, beautiful and firm after labeling, and will not fall off by itself. The equipment is simple to operate. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, one or two automatic labeling equipment can meet their production needs. Compared with the original labeling of several workers, the labeling machine is undoubtedly superior in management and convenience.
3. Wide range of applications and multiple uses. The automatic labeling machinery department meets the labeling needs of various industries, such as wine, daily chemical, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, electronics, hardware, cosmetics, board and other industries. The types and functions of labeling are also diverse. Attach self-adhesive labels, anti-counterfeit labels, paste labels, affix barcodes, and affix films. The appearance of the labeling machine has made the previously impossible procedures such as manual film sticking simple and feasible.
4. High performance and higher cost performance. The automatic labeling machine can not only meet the work requirements of the above industries, but also has a long service life in addition to the remarkable characteristics of fast labeling speed and high accuracy. A labeling equipment generally has a service life of about 8-10 years. Taking the current mainstream labeling machine price to calculate, the market price of a fully automatic round bottle labeling machine (standard machine) is generally 30,000 to 50,000, an average of 30,000 to 50,000 per year. The labeling output can be completed with an investment of three to five thousand, which is equivalent to one month's labor cost. It can be seen that the labeling machine is super cost-effective.
The labeling machine also has many advantages, such as its low energy consumption, automatic production, automatic monitoring, and self-inspection, which are also welcomed by customers.
The development of labeling machines in Dongguan is changing with each passing day. New labeling machine manufacturers are constantly emerging, and labeling equipment manufacturers that do not adapt to the development of the times have closed and went bankrupt. Zhongkong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is in
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