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Common problems of double-sided tape falling off

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Double-sided tapes are widely used, ranging from various parts, hardware and crafts, electronic appliances to aerospace, and are ubiquitous and irreplaceable.

Automatically cut off, automatically paste, completely surrender to other workers' labeling

Traditional double-sided adhesive tape has always been manually cut and then manually pasted onto the product. This is not only slow, but also inefficient. This is obviously detrimental to the sustainable development of enterprises and factories. Automatic double-sided adhesive labeling is a labeling equipment with automatic cutting and automatic sticking functions. It can automatically cut according to the specified length of the double-sided adhesive on the product; and paste it to the designated position on the product. This greatly improves the speed of traditional double-sided sticking, and accelerates the process of traditional double-sided sticking to modern automation. At the same time, we will also encounter the problem of peeling off the double-sided tape,

The following points should be done to reduce the problem of double-sided tape falling off

1. There are impurities, dust or oil on the contact surface. Fortunately, wipe it with alcohol or thinner before bonding, keep the contact surface clean and then paste it.

2. Whether there are sol-type liquids, aerosols or dampness in the operating environment, and the temperature is too low,

3. The double-sided tape expires and expires, so you must check the warranty date of the double-sided tape when you buy it, and use it within the warranty period.

4. Whether the adhesive is overweight, if it exceeds the load-bearing capacity of the double-sided tape, it will also cause the double-sided tape to fall off.

5. Whether there is frequent vibration during use, the instability of double-sided tape will cause it to fall off.:

6: Choose oil glue double-sided tape, which has strong stickiness.

1. Double-sided adhesive oil glue: It is made by dissolving acrylic or polyurethane with oily solvent (toluene, DMF, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.) as the solvent. Its advantages are good film-forming properties, good fastness, and PU can be pasted with hot air glue, which is a commonly used coating glue at present. The disadvantage is that due to the use of oily solvents, there is a lack of environmental protection, especially now that the price of oil has risen, causing the price of oily solvents to rise sharply. Most of the coating glues are too expensive, so relatively poor oily solvents are used, resulting in Environmental protection is not up to standard, and with the further improvement of environmental protection standards in various countries, the environmental protection requirements for coating adhesives are getting higher and higher. Such as 3M9080 and so on.

2. Double-sided adhesive glue: It is made by emulsifying acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsifying equipment with water as solvent. Its biggest advantage is: variety, environmental protection and low price. Nowadays, many coatings are made of water-soluble glue, such as: general water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU, film glue, oily wax feel, and scratched color paste. And other functional slurry. Water solubility will be the direction of coating in the future due to its functionality, environmental protection, and low price. The disadvantages are poor film-forming properties, poor washing fastness, PU cannot be pasted with hot air glue, and foam products such as sponge and foam are not suitable; such as Crown DS9.

The labeling accuracy of double-sided tape in the electronic hardware industry is required to be high. The company also has corresponding semi-automatic double-sided tape pasting machines and automatic double-sided tape cutting machines. Welcome to inquire.

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