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Pay attention to three main points when the labeling machine is connected to the production line

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The labeling machine has high efficiency, can save more labor, runs more stable, and improves production efficiency. Modern manufacturers pay more and more attention to it and apply it. If you want to take advantage of the automatic labeling machine, it is necessary to connect the production line. It is recommended to pay attention to the three main points when connecting the production line:

Pay attention to three main points when the labeling machine is connected to the production line:

1. Assembly line docking:

a. The guardrail structure of the labeling machine and the assembly line ensures smooth docking, and the intermediate transition treatment will not affect the scratches or damage of the items;

b. The speed of the labeling machine matches the speed of the assembly line, and the speed of the assembly line should be adapted to the speed of labeling;

c. The automatic separation function or stop structure function of the labeling machine, etc.;

d. The link structure between the labeling machine and the assembly line, whether it is a belt or a plate chain, and the gap treatment should be reasonable;

e. Considering the overall space, the production workshop can be effectively used without hindering other production equipment.

f. The labeling machine should consider the shape, size and weight of the conveyed items

2. Independent automatic loading and unloading design:

If the labeling machine cannot be connected to the automatic assembly line, you can also consider designing a relatively independent feeding structure and unloading collection structure, so that you can also make full use of the efficiency advantages of the automatic labeling machine.

3. The method that can be considered for automatic feeding is closely related to the form of the labeling article:

a. For bottles, consider using a bottle unscrambler to feed in;

b. For some characteristic metal and plastic parts, you can consider using a vibrating plate to separate materials;

c. Sheets of flat cardboard can be considered for feeding with automatic paging structure.

The above is an explanation of the three main points that need to be paid attention to when the labeling machine is connected to the production line. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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