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New Zealand labeling machine field customer case

Article upload: BiaoKong Automation Pageviews: 608 Time: 2021-11-12

Case study of labeling machine for foreign customers: Semi-automatic labeling machine case details: The customer comes from New Zealand in Oceania, Vitamore Limited, a health care product giant. In 2014, the company purchased our semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine in order to open up the market. The following is the product picture of this labeling machine:

Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is suitable for automatic labeling of cylindrical objects of various specifications. It is compatible with small taper round bottle labeling. The applicable label can be self-adhesive label or self-drying film, etc.; single label and double label can be applied , Can be pasted on half circle and full circle; such as oral liquid, food cans, round beverage bottles, round red wine bottles, etc. The following is a sample of the round bottle sent by a New Zealand customer:

This semi-automatic labeling machine has increased the pointer positioning function and upgraded the labeling control system in response to the customer’s product labeling requirements in the above picture, making the labeling operation easier and more convenient, and the customer is finally satisfied. The following picture is the delivery picture of the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine for New Zealand customers:

If you have a large output, it is recommended that you purchase our automatic round bottle labeling machine (click here to view the details), the speed can reach 40~80pcs/min. Announcement: After the revision of the official website of Mingkong Automation, the country's field customer cases are officially launched. Customers and friends can refer to cases similar to their own products for more details. The case is being updated one after another, so stay tuned. ——Earth Control Automation

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