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Semi-automatic labeling machine is a transitional extension product between manual and fully automatic labeling machinery. As soon as the semi-automatic labeling machine appeared, it greatly liberated the labeling production efficiency and injected new vitality into the packaging industry. Dongguan semi-automatic labeling machine manufacturers have also sprung up. Next, customers are most concerned about the price of the semi-automatic labeling machine, how much is a semi-automatic labeling machine, whether the wholesale price of the manufacturer in batches, and how much it costs. Regarding the question of how much is the labeling machine, even the labeling machine manufacturer cannot simply answer this question. As a professional manufacturer of semi-automatic labeling machine in Dongguan, the following will discuss the price of semi-automatic labeling machine by Zhongguan Automation.

The degree of automation of semi-automatic labeling machine is inferior to that of automatic labeling machine, which makes it possible for many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially manufacturers with relatively small labeling output, to label by machine. There are many types of semi-automatic labeling machines, and the price difference is also very large. Take the example of the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine of the semi-automatic equipment. The price of the semi-automatic flat labeling machine is lower than the price of the semi-automatic flat labeling machine, while the semi-automatic wire labeling machine The price of the labeling machine is even several times that of the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine. Why is there such a big price difference for the same semi-automatic labeling machine?
First, there are many types of semi-automatic labeling machines, and the prices of different varieties are different. This is the same reason that the prices of cars of the same brand and different models and specifications are different. Looking at the entire labeling machinery market, the prices of different manufacturers will be even more different.
Second, the core factor that causes the price difference of semi-automatic labeling machines: advanced or backward technical content affects the price of labeling machines. Semi-automatic labeling machines are mostly customized on demand. The stable performance requires a mature technical team to perfectly combine advanced technical means and applications, so that the machinery produced can be of high quality, good labeling effect, high precision, and attractive appearance . For the recruitment and training of technical talents, it takes a large amount of money to operate. The better the skills, the higher the cost of the employee's husband. The so-called so-called more capable people are the reason. This is one; the second is semi-automatic labeling. The use of machine parts and core components is also the reason for the difference in machine cost, such as brand PLC, motor, electric eye, etc. The price of these parts and components of first-class brands is higher than many second- and third-rate brands. The components are all top international and domestic brands, only electric
The market price of some machines is as high as 3,000 yuan. The cost of this motor is more expensive than the selling price of the entire equipment of some manufacturers. After all, "you get what you pay for", BMW is more expensive than QQ.
Third, the ability to sell services. A good semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine should not only be reflected in the advanced structure, technology, and performance, but also in the overall sales service level. In particular, the thoughtful, quick response and timely solution of after-sales service are the primary considerations for purchasing equipment. This is also a factor that affects the price of semi-automatic labeling machines. Customers who have bought equipment hope to have a good after-sales service, because equipment failures need to be solved by technical personnel. Only a good after-sales service level and team are the prerequisites for purchasing with confidence.
Fourth, non-standard customization, higher prices. The so-called non-standard means that the manufacturer’s standard model is not suitable for normal labeling production. The manufacturer needs to invest in technical personnel to re-develop the design and evaluate the feasibility of the labeling scheme. This requires the cooperation of the entire labeling machine manufacturer and the use of technology. The cost is higher, and the price will be higher than the standard machine. Regarding the technology development cost invested by each company, the calculation methods are different from each other, and the price difference is even more.
In summary, there are many types of semi-automatic labeling machine prices, and the quotations of various manufacturers are not the same. Therefore, "how much is a semi-automatic labeling machine" is a wide-ranging question. If customers want to know the price of semi-automatic labeling machine, the most It is good to send the labeled samples and sample labels to the manufacturer for evaluation and testing, so that a more realistic quotation can be obtained.
Xingkong Automation can free trial stickers for customers and friends. According to the samples and trial results, determine the comprehensive configuration and technical input of the semi-automatic labeling machine. The production is difficult and easy, and the official quotation is provided free of charge in all aspects. Any intention to purchase a semi-automatic labeling machine is welcome. Friends call for consultation or visit the factory. The price of our semi-automatic labeling machine is divided into the price of semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine and the price of semi-automatic flat labeling machine, as well as the price of semi-automatic wire labeling machine. Please call for details.

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