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Shenzhen (Guangdong Province) non-label labeling machine field customers

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The following are the non-standard case details of Shenzhen labeling machine:
Customers come from Shenzhen Hengxin Technology Group Co., Ltd., the world's largest e-liquid and the world's leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes. In 2014, we expanded production and chose the non-standard machine developed by our company-the automatic flat bottle labeling machine.
Equipment Picture: (Please contact customer service for detailed product pictures)

The following is a sample of this label:

The customer's sample shape is concave flat bottle, and the flat bottle is required to be labelled all the way, and the label coincides with the center line of the bottle body recess, and the accuracy is required to be within 1mm. The most difficult thing to overcome when labeling a concave-convex shape bottle is the problem of bubbles and wrinkles, and the label overlap must be at the center line of the concave part of the bottle body, which is a very high labeling requirement. After many brainstorming sessions, the technical engineers of Chongkong submitted a satisfactory solution to the customer. The following is the delivery picture of this non-standard machine in Shenzhen:

If you have a product labeling similar to the above Shenzhen non-standard machine, I suggest you contact the Automation Automation to solve it for you. We have done this and have mature experience accumulation.

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