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Shenzhen (Guangdong Province) Label Stripping Machine Field Client

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The following are the customer case details of Shenzhen peeling machine:

The customer comes from Shenzhen Seacam Isotope Co., Ltd., one of the top 500 state-owned enterprises, which specializes in the production and operation of 241Am radioactive sources, combined sources, ionization chambers and fire smoke detectors. In November 2014, in order to expand the production scale, we purchased 5 automatic label stripping machines from our company. The product pictures are as follows:

This type of automatic label peeling machine is suitable for automatic label peeling. After the peeled label is taken, the next label is automatically peeled off, which improves the efficiency of workers taking labels. It can peel off multiple rows of labels at one time. The equipment can be set with manual and automatic bidding methods to meet customer production needs. The following is a picture of the stripping machine ready to ship to Shenzhen:

Thanks to the support and trust of Shenzhen customers, the equipment of Xingkong can enter the top 500 state-owned enterprises. It is a performance of strength!

If your label is double-layered, welcome to purchase our double-layer label peeling machine for label peeling.

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