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BK-311 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine for honey bottle video

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Honey has skin care and beauty, promotes digestion, promotes digestion, improves immunity, and protects the cardiovascular system. It is also one of the essential health products for the family. The packaging bottles are glass and plastic. The bottles are round, flat and six-sided. Bottles, labels can be designed according to the bottle, there are one week, double label (one on the front and back of the bottle), single label, corner sticker, etc. There are two labeling methods, one is manual labeling and equipment labeling. The sales volume of honey in the market is increasing. Some manufacturers can choose equipment labeling when manual labeling cannot meet the production volume of the order. The labeling process is the same as in the video. Put the bottle on the equipment and label (the equipment automatically realizes )-Just remove the product. It can replace the problems of poor labeling accuracy, wrinkles and bubbles in manual labeling. Features of the equipment: 1 Save time, if you press 30 per minute (the device can paste 20-40 pieces per minute, depending on the product size and The length of the label depends on the length of the label) 180 bottles can be affixed an hour, 180*60*8=86400 bottles per day (8 hours of work). 2: Cost-saving: If manual labeling puts 10 bottles per minute, 10*60*8=4800 bottles will be down on that day, and the equipment will be 18 times faster than manual labeling. The cost of labor alone can be turned into profit every year, and the longer the time, the more benefits. For more questions, please contact customer service or enter your phone number in the window on the right, and you can consult for free. 7*24 hours labeling machine contact number: 18824339119 0769-83305586, there is also a fully automatic honey labeling machine!

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