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BK-101 label peeling machine video

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Video of BK-101 label peeling machine. Generally speaking, the output of the label peeling machine is not large, and the labeling machine cannot label; or it is used in the case of manual labeling to improve the efficiency of the workers in taking the labels. Core working principle: The sensor detects the label and controls the traction motor to stop; when the label is removed, the label is not detected, and the traction motor is controlled to rotate until the next label is peeled to the predetermined position and then stop, and so on; *Operation process: The worker takes the label—>the ​​next label is automatically peeled to the predetermined position (automatically realized by the equipment). The advantages of the label peeling machine are sturdy and durable. It is made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy. The display screen is simple and convenient. Female workers can also operate it. The label peels off smoothly. The peeled label is flat and wrinkle-free. It is convenient for workers to take the label. The speed is stepless. Adjustable, flexibly adapt to personal working habits; difficult-to-peel labels and small labels can be peeled off smoothly after the speed can be adjusted down; multiple rows of labels can be peeled at one time. Optional ribbon coding machine can print production date, batch number and other information on the label. An optional assembly line inkjet printer can be used to print product information on the product before and after labeling. For more information, please contact customer service, or enter your phone number in the right window for free consultation, 7*24 hours labeling machine inquiry phone: 18824339119

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