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BK-611A Code semi-automatic flat labeling machine labeling

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Video of BK-611A semi-automatic flat labeling machine with 2~10 liters of lubricating oil can It plays the role of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Today, the editor will share this video. In this video, there are two different lubricant labels. One device is compatible. When operating, we only need to Simply click on the touch screen of the device. You only need to change the fixture when changing the product. The product parameters can be saved in 50 groups, and you can just call the saved parameters when you change the product. The equipment is delivered nationwide free of charge, video teaching is provided, and technical support is provided for life. If you have similar products that need to be labeled, please consult the online customer service or enter your phone number in the right window for free consultation. 7*24 hours labeling machine consultation telephone: 18824339119 0769-83305586

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