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BK-611 semi-automatic flat labeling machine to apply 10 liters of car coolant video

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Coolant consists of three parts: water, antifreeze, and additives. Four major functions of coolant 1. Antifreeze in winter 2. Anti-corrosion 3. Waterproof scale 4. High boiling point (anti-boiling) coolant is an indispensable part of automobile engines. It circulates in the engine cooling system to take away the excess heat generated during engine operation, so that the engine can run at normal operating temperature. When the coolant is insufficient, the engine water temperature will be too high, causing damage to the engine parts.
The video demonstrates a process of labeling the coolant. The equipment operation process: put the product -> judged in place (equipment detection control or manual control) -> label and relabel (automatically realized by the equipment) -> take out the labeled product.
The working principle of the coolant labeling machine: The sensor detects that the product is in place or the foot is stepped on to signal that the product is in place, the suction head sucking the label drops the label and overwrites the label, and then returns to the original position to absorb the next label, waiting for the next labeling signal. The attaching action of a label is completed.
If we want to buy such a labeling machine, what kind of problems should we pay attention to?
1 Whether the device is easy to operate. The control devices are all suitable for touch screen control, powerful data memory function; can save adjusted parameters, support to save 50 sets of data, next time you post this product, you only need to call up the set of data. Easy to adjust, convenient and fast. Female workers are easy to operate.
2: The labeling is stable. To put it simply, the labeling position of the labeling machine is consistent. The industry is called labeling accuracy. The control labeling is accurate and stable. It adopts PLC+ subdivided stepping motor to drive the label delivery, and the label delivery is accurate; the feeding mechanism is equipped with a brake function to ensure that the label is tightened and the label detection is accurate; the label deflection correction mechanism, Prevent the label from shifting left and right;
3. Safety The circuit and the air circuit are arranged separately, and the air circuit is equipped with a purification device to prevent the moisture in the air from invading the electrical appliances and prolong the life of the equipment; the whole machine is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, and the quality is firm.
4: The price of labeling machine. The price of the labeling machine is generally not announced by the control equipment. The reason is as follows: each customer's product is different, and the labeling scheme is different. For example, the size and specifications of the product in the video, there are several types of products, whether a device is compatible with all your products, Biao control engineers will design the most suitable labeling machine for you according to your product, if you need to learn more If you have any questions, please consult online customer service, or enter your phone number on the right for free consultation, 7*24 hours labeling machine inquiry phone: 18824339119 0769-33215189

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