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With the rapid development of automatic identification technology, RFID labeling machines are about to enter the era of rapid development

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As the economy develops faster and faster, and the living standards of residents are getting higher and higher, the commodities in circulation will have relevant information such as production date and manufacturer information. Without this, it will become a three-no product. Packaging is the medium through which products transmit information. The label of the product is very important to the product, allowing consumers to decide whether to buy it in the first time. The labeling machine adds labels to the products, which plays a beautiful role, and more importantly, realizes the requirements for product sales, sales tracking and management.

1. Features and applications of smart labels

electronic label. The development of tags has provided us with very good modern information technology methods. RFID tags are very valuable and useful in food and pharmaceutical market applications. Its advantages are: each product has a unique number, which cannot be copied, and completely eliminates counterfeiting; the anti-counterfeiting feature code is unique and cannot be changed or denied; the label and the anti-counterfeiting article cannot be peeled off, otherwise the label will fail: multiple encryption to ensure data security; waterproof, Antimagnetic, flexible, and adaptable; use non-contact reading and writing, data can be stored for a long time; a variety of packaging forms, easy to embed and adhere to the product, flexible production and printing; lightweight, flexible, easy to use; readers can be used at the same time Read and write multiple tags; can be identified and repeatedly read and written; read-write equipment is simpler and easier to use than magnetic strips, barcodes, etc.; cost-effective, flexible, and upgradeable than any other technology; can record intermediate information during commodity circulation , Realize supply chain tracking and tracing. Compared with traditional identification methods, electronic tags are widely used in logistics, transportation, manufacturing, medical drugs, anti-counterfeiting, etc. due to their accurate, efficient and safe methods, high anti-counterfeiting functions and real-time monitoring of products. industry

2. RFID tags are widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

1. Labels are widely used in the medical industry and have the following functions: anti-counterfeiting measures for medicines; prevention of medication errors and unreasonable medication; patient identification and tracking; recall of problematic drugs; tracking documents, test tubes, medicine bottles or specimens; Tracking of medical equipment and medical equipment.

2. The identity of the label attached to the product is unique and difficult to copy. It can play a role in querying information and anti-counterfeiting. It is a very important measure to investigate and deal with counterfeit and shoddy products. In addition, it can also play a role of real-time monitoring throughout the entire process. RFID tags can be monitored in all directions during the entire process of drug research, production, circulation and use. Especially when the product leaves the factory, when the product is automatically packaged by itself, the reader installed in the production line can automatically identify the information of each drug and transmit it to the database. Intermediate information can be recorded at any time during the circulation process to implement full-line monitoring. In the packaging production line, when leaving the factory, in the product circulation, storage, and circulation process, until the consumer purchase process. If the RFID tag is used to record the whole process, record, track, and trace the medicine in time, the problem will be solved.

The RFID labeling machine not only brings convenience in life and work, it means a safer, more efficient, and timely data collection method, and an era of rapid development.

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