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Analysis on the function of automatic labeling machine

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The automatic labeling machine is an important foundation of the packaging industry and occupies a very important position in the packaging machinery industry. As a product of mechatronics, the automatic labeling machine provides important technical support for the packaging industry, and plays an important role in promoting the development of product appearance packaging. At the same time, it is also used in the production of alcohol, food, medicine, daily necessities, and chemical products. The impact is far-reaching. Automatic labeling machinery is the fundamental prerequisite for mechanization and automation of product packaging.

1. Liberate productivity and improve working conditions
The automatic labeling machine can liberate workers from stressful and heavy repetitive work. At the same time, it can avoid and reduce exposure to highly toxic, irritating, corrosive, low temperature, humidity, and dust, which are harmful to the health of workers. Improve working conditions.
2. Improve production efficiency and promote product packaging updates and diversification
  The production capacity of automatic labeling machines is generally more than ten times that of manual labeling, or even dozens of times, which undoubtedly plays a decisive role in the renewal of product packaging patterns. For example, the automatic high-speed round bottle round bottle labeling machine controlled by Chong can easily achieve the production efficiency of 120,000 bottles/h; the horizontal small round bottle labeling machine 150pcs/min, and the flat assembly line labeling machine can be as fast as 100pcs/min. The speed is matched with the production line, which is unmatched by manual work.
  3. Improve product packaging hygiene, improve product quality, and enhance market sales competitiveness
The development of automatic labeling machine The emerging self-adhesive labeling machine, the self-adhesive label itself is clean, hygienic and not easy to fall off, which is a great progress in label development. In addition, the use of automatic labeling The contact with excessive manual operations, such as medicine and pharmaceutical production. Some powder and liquid materials are prone to escape, blistering and splashing during the manual packaging process, but this is not the case with mechanical equipment. The labeling machine has high labeling accuracy and the appearance of the product is beautiful, neat, uniform, and tightly sealed. , Thereby improving the quality of product packaging, improving the competitiveness of product marketing, and obtaining higher economic benefits.
   4. Can save materials, reduce costs, and protect the environment
  The use of labeling machinery for production can fundamentally reduce label waste, labor costs, and save costs. Moreover, the use of automatic labeling machines can fundamentally solve the phenomenon of label waste, and save materials, reduce waste, and protect the environment.
   5. Reduce the area of ​​the labeling site and save infrastructure investment
  The products are labelled manually. To complete the same production volume, many workers are needed, the process is not compact, the operation area is large, and the infrastructure investment is large. With automatic labeling machines, the supply of products and packaging materials is relatively concentrated, and the packaging processes are arranged compactly, and some can be used for three-dimensional operations, thus reducing the footprint of packaging and saving infrastructure investment.

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