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Zhangzhou City (Fujian Province) Labeling Machine Field Client-Plywood Labeling Machine

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Now let’s introduce a field customer of our company's plywood pasting machine in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. This customer established a cooperative relationship with Sing Control Labeling Machine Company last year. Mainly engaged in plywood, construction template board manufacturers. The company name is Fujian Zhangzhou Xiefeng Wood Co., Ltd. On June 19, 2014, we purchased a fully automatic plywood labeling machine from our company. Let's take a look at this automatic plywood labeling machine:

The labeling equipment in the picture above belongs to the category of flat assembly line labeling machines. It is a standard model with core functions of dustproof and extended service life. It is mainly suitable for the labeling of the plane assembly line of plywood, board and wood, and can be flexibly connected to the assembly line. It has the characteristics of small area, simple and flexible operation, and good labeling effect. The following is the use site of this plywood labeling machine:

This equipment is installed next to the edge sawing machine in the plywood factory. The plates are labelled when they pass through the edge sawing on the assembly line and enter the next step of receiving the board. Welcome to contact online customer service to request a video to watch the full effect.

In summary, it can be seen that the assembly line similar to the plywood factory in Zhangzhou, Fujian can use our plywood labeling machine for automatic labeling. Why use BiaoKong's machine to label? You can save 20,000 yuan with the BiaoKong labeling machine throughout the year. The cost of manual labeling is more than RMB, and the conservative life of this plywood labeling machine is 8 years, which is not a small sum.
As mentioned above, what Fujian Zhangzhou Xiefeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. purchased from our company is a plywood labeling machine, that is, a flat assembly line labeling machine. If you have a similar assembly line, it is not limited to plywood, including PE plastic bags, opp/cpp And other production lines can choose this flat assembly line labeling machine.

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