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Field customer case of labeling machine in Huizhou (Guangdong Province)

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The following introduces a cooperative customer in Guangdong, Huizhou Bolong Industrial Co., Ltd., Bolong Industrial is mainly engaged in food mixers, juicers, multi-function juice mixers, egg beaters, radio kettles, automatic soybean milk machines, electronic steamers, household water purification Manufacturers of small household appliances such as appliances. The company purchased a semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine from our company in July 2014 for product labeling production. The following picture shows the equipment picture and related labeling product pictures:

This semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is suitable for the circumferential surface labeling of various round or circumferential workpieces. It can be applied to half or full circumference. The taper adjustment mechanism of the equipment can be changed to be compatible with small taper round bottles. It can be widely used Small appliances, food, daily chemicals, cosmetics, chemicals, electronic hardware, pharmaceuticals and other industries. The following is a sample of the customer's label:

From the sample picture above, it can be seen that the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is very suitable for the labeling of customer water purifier objects. The whole machine is simple to operate and has high labeling accuracy. Compared with manual labor, it greatly increases production output and reduces The production cost.
If you are not familiar with this machine, click the link below to enter the related video and sample page.

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