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BK-606 carton corner labeling machine video

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BK-606 carton corner labeling machine video. This equipment is used for right-angle labeling of medicine boxes. It is a fully automatic corner sealing and labeling machine. It is mainly used for box right-angle labeling, corner surface labeling, three-sided labeling, and face-to-face labeling. Labeling, the whole machine adopts a mature PLC control system, the equipment runs at high speed and stability, and the operating system is controlled by a touch screen. The operation is simple and practical, and the efficiency is high. The box is especially suitable. This device is also suitable for box labeling of skin care products, cosmetics, potions, and food products. For more questions, please contact customer service or enter the phone number on the right for free consultation. 7*24 hours labeling machine contact number: 18824339119


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